ClearShift is a minimalistic subreddit theme for reddit platform which i built and continuously updated over 3 years span. To improve this theme i took feedback across various subreddits, /r/Windows10 is a prime example of this theme.

Subreddits that use ClearShift

Windows 10

Windows 10 subreddit

/r/Windows10 was the first subreddit to get treatment of ClearShift V3 theme, feedback from users and Microsoft employees influenced some of the changes.

Subreddit Stylesheet


Youtuber Speedy subreddit

/r/Olympics community during 2016 Olympic was using /r/ClearShift theme and thus it was seen by 3 million unique users and viewed 22 million times during the month of olympic games.

Subreddit Stylesheet

Xbox Deals

Xbox Deals subreddit

/r/GreatXboxDeals is your one stop shop for all Xbox One related deals! Subscribers in this community share great Xbox deals that they find all over the internet.

Subreddit Stylesheet

ClearShift features

Night mode

prototype subreddit

ClearShift Night Mode supports both RES night mode and CSS night mode.

Header Stickies

Windows Mobile subreddit 2015

Header stickies code is already in the main code of ClearShift so all you have to do is use this template, modify its text, link and then simply put it into sidebar through "subreddit settings" section. Example of these stickies also provided in sidebar.css file.

#Sticky - Classic blue sticky
#Stickyg - Green color sticky for important announcements or moderator posts
#Update - Blue stickie with word "Update" instead of sticky, can be used for follow up threads, software updates

Interactive sidebar

Expandable sections on hover sections useful for rules, related subreddits section or even flair toggles if you have them on your subreddit. It's really easy to set up, all you need is put three hash tags and text after them ###General rules, expandable section example shown below.

UX improvements spotlight

New and OP comments highlighted for moderators and Reddit gold users Comments highlighting Easier and more intuitive comments collapsing Comments collapsing

And lots of other smaller additions.

ClearShift installation

Default ClearShift

1. Download ClearShift and extract its content.
2. Upload icons and ClearShift.css into stylesheet. Note: Upload icons spritesheet first.
3. Upload placeholder content into subreddit settings sidebar section (make sure to leave [](#/RES_SR_Config/NightModeCompatible) at the bottom of the sidebar as it's required for RES night mode) and then upload Reddit-Logo.png into look and feel section.
4. In subreddit settings change custom labels to "Submit Link" and "Submit Text"
5. Enjoy the theme! If you have any questions regarding the theme make a post over at /r/ClearShift subreddit.
For CSS related questions /r/CSShelp subreddit is the place worth visiting.

Download ClearShift Source Code